Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The Resort

This is a view of the park. The mountain/hill in the back ground is the one with the statue of Yu the Great. If you look carefully you may see it.

Yesterday M2 and I went for a walk to see how close we could get to the statue of Yu the Great. It is an imposing figure high on a hill near here – he stands in full dress, many metres high and we have been unable to find any photo of this great statue. We have been told it is 1000 steps up to see the statue, so we are not ready for that yet…..

We went out the West Gate of the college and walked up to the intersection and bravely traversed the road, and walked towards the hill. There were gardens and great rocks with Chinese characters on them in the garden.

Eventually we came to a grand group of buildings including shops, gateway, restaurant, and information centre (in Chinese) but it is a great “resort” and tourist attraction. We wandered around and took a few photos – there was a lake, and apparently yachts can be hired there, but we could see no sign of any boating activity. Sounds like it is the sort of place that an English speaking guide would be helpful for.

The whole park is a national park - with a sign saving natirve speacies of tress were being conserved here.

One guy in a tricycle wanted to take us through – for money of course, and there was an entrance fee as well, but as we thought it would be of little value unless someone could explain to us, we decided to give it a miss.

Another time may be. (And we still don’t know if this is the entrance to see the statue of Yu the Great.)

Stones in park

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