Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Chinese Gardens about to burst forth in Spring bloom

This is the rose garden - with a few taller spikes of rose branches.

It is obvious that Spring is in the air. Only 3 days into the new season, the plants are sprouting buds. The garden here is tended with great care, and is quite amazing for a school. The gardeners appear to be older gentlemen who spend hours in the gardens, and at this time they would be anxiously looking at their handiwork.

I find some quite strange things that I have not been able to understand. Why, for example do some of the trees have rope neatly wound around their trunks?

In one garden – photo here – looks like a garden of rocks – in an undulating pattern. At first glance it looks like just rocks, but closer inspection shows rows and rows of rose bushes. They may well be miniature roses, but they are pruned so that few are more than two or three inches above the soil. I can see the thorns.

In the last couple of days I’ve seen the reddish brown of new shoots on the roses – and I anticipate a spectacular display in the next month or so. Other plants that I don’t recognize are also starting to sprout new buds.

Along one of the canals in the school grounds are weeping trees, looking a little like the weeping willows that I knew as a child in Adelaide. These too are sprouting and when in full leaf will make a beautiful framing of the canal.

Everywhere there is new growth on plants, and I look forward to taking photos of the blooms that result.

The view of the weeping trees beside the canal.

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