Wednesday, 12 March 2008

My apartment

The television in the loungeroom. I have a faded couch.

The bedroom.

I have had few emails asking about the apartment. So I took a few photos. As I have said the bedrooms are rather large - but they also double as our "office" although we are provided with an office in the college. (No one seems to use the office though - except between some classes rather than walk back to the apartments)

The two bedrooms are almost identical - though different furniture perhaps. In each room there is a rather large double bed, two bedside tables and a cupboard/wardrobe and desk. One of the bedrooms has the computer - but there is a cable in the other bedroom to attach to the internet if you have a laptop.

The lounge/dining area is quite large really - and most apartments have a table and a few chairs, and the television on an entertainment unit in the corner.

The only television we watch is a government run program - the only English television station in China. Some of the programs are very interesting - and they repeat them frequently so if you miss out, just hang about.

The beds are interesting. One cannot tuck in the bottom sheet - or any sheet for that matter. The mattress is rock hard - no give at all. It is said that the hard mattresses are the expensive ones, but we doubt that is true. I have what looks like a padded electric blanket, though it is not attached to power, on my bed that has made it softer - at least comfortable enough for me.

And the sheets? No need to tuck them in. With a rock hard mattress, the sheet does not move. It is just placed over the mattress with the sides just hanging loosely. In the morning it looks just the same - with a few little wrinkles where one has been sleeping. Easy. No need to tuck or learn to do "hospital corners."

(Incidently the college hospital has very hard mattresses - I guess that helps people get well and get out of hospital quicker!)

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Bev Sharp said...

Love reading about your China adventure. Keep it coming.