Wednesday, 19 March 2008

The Gerberas on the tricycle

As I was on the bus approaching the city square at Shaoxing, a man peddled past on his tricycle. It had several flower arrangements that I could clearly see were Gerberas. I was in a packed bus, so couldn't take a photo, but as it turns out I met up with the spectacle in the square.

These sort of arrangements appear at the doorways of stores - especially new stores, or when there is a big sale on, or some other important occasion.
Someone was telling me that a young man opened a new shop and he had 40 of these sent to him by his friends and family. The more you have the better apparently.
The Gerberas were a little worse for wear - perhaps half an hour on the back of a bike through crowded streets did affect them, but I think the quality of the flower was not as good as we would have had in our flower arrangements back home.
I'm not sure what one would do with the cane contraptions later - perhaps returned to florist, or recycled in some other way. Everything is recycled here.

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