Saturday, 8 March 2008

How to be a teacher of English in China.

There's no doubt that the teaching of English by "native speakers" of the language is a growing market. I wish I had discovered it a while ago. In fact I had vague information about it - but the timing wasn't right for me.

I would encourage anyone with a good understanding of English grammar, writing and speaking, to consider this option - especially if they are over 50 years of age and looking for a sea change. One that they will get paid to do!

There are many courses in Australia and they vary in length, cost and quality. You need to do some research to see what works for you - in terms of cost, time required to do the course, and what is really offered. You have organisations like Australia City College that offers a good basic course and can find you employment in China very quickly. They are very keen to get more teachers especially for this college. (We have two new ones coming at the end of this week,and another two weeks later, but they do need more!)

There are organisations like Seek Learning and Teach International with courses in Brisbane and other capitals and larger provincial areas. Many courses, or parts of, can be done online. Research.

It is easy to get workin Asia - and not all countries require that you have a university degree. Some do - so do your research. Actually the college you do your Tesol training with will give you information on this.

What a way to see the world! Travel and get paid!

Once you have your qualifications and some experience - you can negotiate directly with some colleges for more money too.

I have a contract of four and a half months, with accomodation and food provided, and I paid a small fee to cover Visa, and airfare. (Good deal really!)

It has only been two weeks - but just like some of the other teachers, they wish they had discovered it earlier. I certainly do.

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