Sunday, 2 March 2008

Why English teachers are needed.

There are many reasons why English teachers are needed in China - Chinese businesses need to do business with the West, and the language difference is a challenge, so many Chinese students wish to study in English speaking universities, and the west needs good translations! In Australia we've all had equipment that comes with instructions that are curious - with translation that is confusing.

Let me explain what happened today. I wished to purchase a bottle of wine from the supermarket opposite the gates of the college. Most of the wine has Chinese characters all over it, but I found one that had some English. It is called "Exquisite Manor Redwine". I chose to purchase it.

In smaller printing the label says

"The wine was made of best grapes in the
world and with internal advanced technics.
Tasting best and delicious production.
Tlaborate brewing and classical making.

This is exactly what was on the label. Now it would mean little to a Chinese person with little or no English skills, and it is a mystery to an English speaker. I doubt if it was clear for any English speaker. The "T" on last line of writing clearly should have been an "E" and the claim that it is made of the best grapes in the world would be challenged by other grape growers I am sure.

I've yet to try it - but is bound to be a good drop!

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