Thursday, 6 March 2008

Packaging and Pizza

Packaging in China is amazing. So many products come with exquisite packaging. For example, a packet of tea bags (Liptons) - looks just like the packet we get in Australia - where the bags are inside the box - here in China they have another silverfoil package inside the box. Biscuits will have extra packaging - everything seems to have extra packaging. And this country struggles with the amount of waste it has.

I was pleased to hear on CCTV (The only English language television station in China) that there is a move to reduce packaging - as part of the program to reduce pollution.

A government deputy is giving out cane baskets to shoppers to encourage them to use the baskets and reduce plastic bags. Older people remember taking baskets with them to do shopping! Here and in Australia I am sure!

The deputy is also giving out handerchiefs - as everyone uses tissues here. So we are going back for the future. In the restaurant the other evening we asked for serviettes. They did not understand, but eventually they gave us (actually threw onto the table) a small pack of tissues.

I've not had pizza takeaway yet - it does exist - but last night 4 Aussie teachers went into the city and dined at the Pizza Hut there. Somewhat different to Pizza Hut at home - but it was good. It is expensive eating Pizza Hut meals here though.


Anonymous said...

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deedub said...

Hi Di - me again
May I suggest you alter your settings to show the date of the post? At present it is only showing the time. (The comments show both).

Re my impending trip to Jinan - I will be working at the Shandong Jianzhu Univeristy, under the aegis of Victoria University, for 11 weeks only. (I think that might be enough for this 60 y.o.!)