Wednesday, 12 March 2008

My new slippers.

My new slippers

Aren't they just the cutest? In our apartment the floors are tiled - cold and slippery when wet. Not that they get wet, but the bathroom floods - there is only a shower curtain to stop the water, and it flows all over the floor. (One always has to use the squeegee to clear the water after a shower as it takes a long time to dry without!)

I needed a pair of slip ons or slippers to protect my feet from the very cold floor - especially when getting up at 6 am! It is freezing, though I lean out of bed and grab the remote for the heater and turn it on for 15 minutes or so before I venture out from under two doonas. (I said it was cold!!!)

We were out shopping and I was looking for something simple as a slipper and found these. They are so cute and I laugh when I have them on!

The dust in the air from all the factories is a problem here. It gets into everything. Here we don't was the tops of our shoes, but wash the soles to rid ourselves of the constant dust.

As the area is known as a textile manufacturing area, I am sure that there are many particles of fabric flying around in the air - as we need to dust things every couple of days. Our Chinese students think we Australians are obsessed by cleaning.

I learned today how to use the a/v system in my class room. I'm looking forward to using it now. Should make life easier.

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