Monday, 10 March 2008

New foods

Late in the afternoon I had a phone call from one of the other English Teachers, J, - inviting me and M1 and M2 for a drink. She had prepared some foods, and we had a beer or in my case a glass or two of Chinese wine.

One of the boys came with a packet of preserved fruit. They were labeled waxberry. It seems there are fruit - that grow in Australia too - that is called waxberry. But they grow a lot here, and preserve them with sugar, salt, and a whole lot of additives. They are very tasty but the pip/stone is very big - there's not much fruit.

J had a packet of olives that students had given her, so we tasted them too. They were similar in colour to the green olives we get, but had a different taste and texture. They seemed plumper, with a different shaped seed, and they were served sweet. I've since learned that there is a Chinese Olive, which differs from the olives grown around the Mediterranean. The ones that we know.

There are so many things to discover here.

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