Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Some frustrations

I appreciate the comments from any readers of this blog - I am able to read the comments as I have changed it so that I need to "moderate" them. This enables me to read them, but not reply to the comment. Blogspot is not accessable in China. Wikepedia is not accessible from China.

That's just the way it is. I certainly thank you for commenting, and Lei, I have read your comments. Thank you.

It is interesting that students here feel the pressure of competition in education, and some seem to work hard while others just complain. I tend to feel that students throughout the world think that they are under much pressure. That may be.


David Wilson said...

Hello Di

I am laving Melbourne tomorrow night (Thursday) to teach English in Jinan next week.

I'm dismayed to learn that blogspot is not available in China, as I often use it for my classes here in Oz. So I am puzzled as to how you post to this blog.

Would you know what other blog sites (like blogger) might be available in China?

Please keep in touch.

David Wilson

lei said...

no need to thank me for posting comments. I'm glad you are writing this blog, keep those interesting posts coming, i will reading everyday.

Floranel said...

Hi Di
Reading all you writings and learning about China through your eyes - keep on keeping on!
To-day I gave this addresss to a Chinese lady who comes into the Info Centre. She met her husband Daniel (Australian)when he went to China to teach English. Lily said that he would love to read your blog and see any pictures. Lily's mother is visiting at the moment, she comes from Satchwan (don't know correct spelling, but can you guess what I mean)Province.Daniel and Lily are married now and live in Wynnum.
Thanks Di

deedub said...

Hello Di
You DO have a date and day stamp on each posting. At the top. The time is at the end of each post.
Sorry to confuse you.

Duly inspired by you, I have just set up ozinjinan.blogspot.com but of course, you can't see it! I am looking at another way of having it on a proxy host with any reference to blog eliminated.