Thursday, 21 May 2009

Around my house

There are many hagwons (private schools) around Jeonju, which is known as "education city". There are two within "spitting" distance of my apartment. The yellow bus is one of a fleet that transports the students to and from school each day, to the school closest to my door.

The buses are extra ordinary. The competition between the hagwons is immense, so you see some pretty smart buses. The yellow line means that there can be no parking there, and the police do come around and issue fines for offenders.

The roses are on the fences along from the hagwon and the elementary school, which is opposite the hagwon. The roses are spectacular. Only a few weeks ago when I arrived they were brown sticks, that have burst into leaf and then the flowers came.

These wonderful leaves are part of a display covering a wall near the big golf driving range. I thought they made a lovely picture.

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