Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Bamboo Tea and Rice

Yesterday we had lunch at a delightful restaurant famous for Bamboo Tea and Bamboo rice. The rice is cooked in bamboo cups and takes quite a while to cook. It is brought to the table with the rice in the cup, and one needs to spoon it out, or deftly eat it with the metal chopsticks. At the same time the rice is served a pot of tea made with bamboo leaves is put on the table, so when the rice is eaten (or mostly eaten) the bamboo cup is filled with the tea. It is quite refreshing.

The cup is a gift - so we took them home.

The restaurant was quite impressive but we sat outside under a canopy of trees, at timber tables and seat sets, sitting on beds on small white stones.

During the meal a millipede fell from the trees and landed on the neck of one of our party - so there was great drama and later hilarity as she jumped from the table and tried to get it off her. It was huge - another diner managed to get it and kill it.

The restaurant is hidden behind the trees in the photo. I love the azaleas flowering everywhere.


Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

At least it didn't fall in the rice, Di.



Di Hill said...

At least it would have drowned or been souped to death.