Friday, 8 May 2009

A wander in the village

In the Jeonju Hanok Village there are many photo opportunities especially in spring as the azaleas and other flowers are in bloom. There is so much to see - I've been there three times already and still there is more to see, so I plan to get back.

It was the old part of town, and is being revamped to make it a tourist haven. This little street has cafes and shops along its length and a great water feature. At one point there is a stone water fountain where the water trickles down into the "river" that winds its way along the footpath. The water is only a few inches deep but it is quite a feature.

At various points along the way is a point on the pavement that says something like "take photo from here" which gives any budding photographer an idea where to stand to get a good photograph of the feature - which may be the water wheel above, a statue, or other place of interest.

There is much construction work going on and still much to do - and of course people live here as well as work here. The shop keepers are great - and many try their English skills with me. I've been given tea in shops, and taken from one shop to another by one of the shop keepers and even when I don't spend any money. Their courtesy is impressive.

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