Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Cattle, sheep and pigs never see the sun.

Along the same trend I guess of the rivers being dammed and the river beds being used for farms, we passed quite a few huge sheds which house the cattle.

I made comment about them - do they every get to see the sun? Well, no. These animals spend their whole lives in pens, open to the air to some extent, but under cover. Some of the huge sheds so not have full sides - so they get "fresh air".

I would guess that Korean cattle, sheep, and pigs never get to roam free - ever - as there is no where for them to go. The country is very mountainous and the flat land is used for housing and farming.

There'd be no RSPCA here!

All I can say is our Aussie farm animals are lucky - with plenty of space to roam in the fresh air.

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