Saturday, 30 May 2009

Jeonju Nature Ecological Museum

On the banks of the stream that runs through Jeonju is the Museum, that states the fact that humankind has caused so much trouble in the natural environment. There are exhibits of live fish that live in the stream and photos of those that no longer exist.

The top photo shows the river activity in 1970 when people used the waters of the stream to wash their clothes and their bodies, and how hundreds of families would be there at any time doing what they had to do.

Even in 1999 the people still congregated at the river (the black and white photo to the right) and where they sat and had meals.

Today the river is cleaner, and the locals don't seem to spend much time close to the river. Fishing is not allowed, and thought they enjoy the beauty of the river and walk the many paths along the river, it certainly is not like "the olden days."

The Museum is worth visiting - there is a little English there - to help you understand the displays.


Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

Of course everything they say from an Asian point of view is correct. I posted something on my Green planet blog about the condition of the Mekong river(industrial pollution) around Vietnam and Cambodia, which has resulted in the loss of the freshwater porpoise there. The only freshwater porpoise left is now in South America.

Once theese creatures go - they dont come back!!



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