Friday, 29 May 2009

Down by the river

Platforms for eating. Bamboo "cushions" are provided, people take their shoes off and sit and the staff bring out their food on a small table, and a BBQ is on top with gas to heat/cook the food.

I had been up on the mountain overlooking this area of the river, but until yesterday I had never walked there. It is on the far end of the Hanok Village, and easy to walk to, though I could have made it easier if I had gone directly through the village, but I had looked on the map and thought the easier way was along the highway.

In any case, I found it without difficulty. It was very hot - and probably not the best time to go for a long walk, but it was picture perfect weather.

There are restaurants and several Jeonju Cultural places, but I did not see much inside. I think they were performance centres. Very attractive place overlooking the river. Along the edge of the river there were a number of restaurants and they had a large outdoor covered area for eating. Many folk were sitting there eating on the platforms.

It was quite a peaceful place, and I walked under the bridge tothe Jeonju Nature Ecological Museum.

This was very interesting as it showed the damage humans have done to the ecology. There are two floors - the lower one tells the story of the river/stream, and showed photos of the river in the past which was full of fish and other native species. People used to sit on the edge of the river, and use the water to help cook their meals on fires which they lit. Hundreds of people would be there. There would have been no running water in their little houses. In due course though the river was polluted and with bridge building and roadways the ecology was damaged.

However, it is thought that the river is almost back to normal - there are some fish called shiries that only live in pristine waters, and they are alive and well in the river. I did notice as I walked along the river that the water was crystal clear.

In the upper level of the museum there were many examples of alternative power - wind power, sun energy and so forth. It is a place where students visit to study the environment.

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