Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The changes

This was taken yesterday (May 25th)

Same area, a few weeks ago.

Yesterday I went for a long walk - probably five or six kms - from my apartment to the river and along the river. I took a lot of photos - some are here. The first time I walked along the river it was just at the end of winter, there was little grass around the river. A bit sad looking really.

Quite a difference now. There are great tall grasses on either side of the river and there seems to be much more river life. I saw ducks, tortioses, heron and other birds and the river seemed to be full of life. For a long time I stood on a bridge and watched huge fish in the water below facing upstream waiting for food in the current.

The grass was very tall, even hiding the stone bridges that traverse the river here and there. My walk was much longer as I found it difficult to find a path or steps up to the roadway and I had to keep going andin the end braved the stone bridge to get to the other side and an easy exit back to the road.

It was quite hot in the sun and I'd gone without my hat and a drink, so the long walk was rather exhausting, but I managed to get back to the road, and walked home via a supermarket where I stocked up on more food and drink.

One of the things that I hear frequently are planes overhead. Some I am sure are commercial planes, but others I think are military. I've never seen them. Even though yesterday the sky was blue, and every so slightly cloudy and I was in the open area of the river bank, I could not see any plane in the sky. Of course they may well be very high up and the sound is exaggerated as Jeonju is surrounded by mountains, and the sound seems to be amplified.

Still, with the strange goings on here with the death of the former president, and the North Koreans playing games with nuclear tests, it is a bit strange.

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Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

Yes, they are certainly playing up in the north. Can't quite figure out what they are up to - maybe something to do with the President's future and his heirs - power and all that!