Wednesday, 6 May 2009


A small farm just below the restaurant where we had lunch. In rows azalea cuttings are flourishing. The plastic domes are commonplace on the farms in South Korea. Many have vegetables growing in them.

The photo above was taken from a moving car (it is not always easy to get the driver to stop for a photo shoot!) Fields covered in this distinctive black shade cloth in a particular way is an indication that Ginseng is growing here. The root of this plant takes 3 years to mature and is used in a lot of ways from Ginseng candy, to Ginseng drinks, powder etc, and often small pieces are used in cooking. It is very healthy for us, I am told.

I don't know what is growing here, but in this farm the workers had just finished laying a "carpet" of what appeared to be rice stalks. I'm not sure if something is growing underneath, or the stalks are to keep the wind from blowing away the topsoil as it lies fallow for a year.

It is spring here at the moment (May 6th) so the trees are full of lush green foliage, the flowers are blooming everywhere, and the farms are full of activity.

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