Monday, 4 May 2009

A night to remember (2)

Please read this post first.

We went upstairs where there were a number of people (were they paying for peace and tranquility - and a bunch of strangers gets shown through?). who were delightful in welcoming us and showing us around.

The place was in the same architectural design as downstairs - polished cement floors, but with rugs, two bedrooms (one with a small bath near the foot of the bed) with real beds.

The kitchen would thrill any woman - just beautiful. I took some photos, but better still you can see from the O's Place website a whole lot more. (When I looked at it earlier this morning there was a video of the house above the restaurant, but I can't find it now. There are several O's Houses, and the one currently featured on the video is not the one I visited last night. Confusing?) O's Place

We went in all the rooms and the Koreans who spoke no English laughed as they showed us around and we were even made to pose for photos on the honeymoon bed.

After leaving the apartment we went back downstairs to finish off our pizza. One of the other things that occurred while we were there was the piped music in the restaurant. Phantom of the Opera will always conjure up memories of O's Place for me!

After dinner had settled, and some great Italian coffee we were ready to leave, but Daniel took us high into the hills on the other side of the lake to two more amazing restaurants. It was a shame it was dark - as they looked spectacular and would make good photos.

The area is a holiday resort area, though it is unclear what one does here - there's a lake but no boating, but we laughed all the way home as perhaps the hotels, restaurants and other holiday facilities were all about "LOVE".

I'd jump at the chance to go back again one day.
Awesome. Definitley a night to remember and if I ever get a chance to return I'd definitely look to go to O's Place, and I'd like to find out about the other O's Places - there are more aparently, and possibly one is in New York.

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