Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The English Village

I must say that when I heard I was going to an "English Village" I had conjured up thoughts of a village in the UK - but I should have guessed. When folk think about "English" in Korea, they tend to think "American English".

This little village was full of small buildings - each the size of a classroom and each with its own name and designation. For example there was a jewelry shop, where the students are taught, in English, to make simple jewelry. There is the hospital where the English teachers are dressed as doctors and nurses and the student learn about hospitals, and body parts. "Hands, knees, etc." songs are sung.

Another shop is the "Book Shop" where they sit and hear stories read from the books. There is a bicycle shop where you can hire bicycles, an Icecream shop, an Airport complete with customs. There's a fire station where the children get to dress as firemen and so forth.

There are several dormitories - with bunk beds packed in. They can cater for 300 students at a time.

The dining room is great, and there are green fields to run around in, and good clean air(at least cleaner than the cities) for the children to run around in.

It was a good day out - but very tiring.

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