Saturday, 16 May 2009

Dining at the Bar and then Karaoke

I've no idea what the Bar was called, but it too was not far from "my house" and we all arrived and took our place in a small room. One of our group went to get the beer. He returned with a basket full of bottles. I had some sort of wine cooler which was OK, and then some chocolate drink that had more vodka than chocolate. Hopefully they were all low alcohol, as I was not tipsy in any way. Didn't feel a thing. Then the food arrived. It is always non stop eating with the Koreans. They ordered peanuts and they were wonderful. Coated in a crispy sesame seed crust. Yum. After an hour or so at the Bar, it was time to leave and go to the Karaoke Bar. So the party continued.

The group sang a lot of Korean songs, and every now and then found an Abba song for me, so I managed to "sing" and dance along with the music.
It was not long after midnight that we found our way out onto the pavement again, and I was ready to head "home". One of the English Teachers who was with us, who lives near me, walked me back to my apartment. I was glad to get to sleep.

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Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

Abba has been having a great time lately?