Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Fresh Figs anyone?

I'm getting my head around being back home in Australia. But I've come at a good time. Just days after I arrived my fig tree which looks a bit lame with no leaves but 13 fruit ready to ripen. I have 10 picked ones in the fridge and have not decided what to do with them. I have eaten one.

If I had my way I'd live on a small block and grow some fresh vegies and fruit - and I've got quite a garden even though I have been away and MM has had to look after everything. Why the leaves dropped off I do not know, but the figs are ripening and now I have to decide what to do with them.

I think I am the only member of the family that eats them. I will try some figs and Camembert cheese tonight - but maybe I will have to cook them. I've done a search for recipes but not found anything that appeals as yet.

Figs are very common around the Mediterranean counties - but not all that common in Australia. They are one of the fruits mentioned in the Bible, so have a long history.

As well some of my orchids are flowering, and some tomatoes I planted in February have huge fruit waiting to ripen.

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