Thursday, 11 June 2009


One of the students gave me a face mask yesterday. One that I can wear to keep the sun's rays from my face. Koreans are so focused on beauty that they have some strange rituals. Many women who go outside wear these full face masks, and sunvisors with a long peak, as well as long sleeves and long pants to keep the sun off of their bodies. They like being pale.

I've written before about these strange women that walk along the river and the streets. Weird.

When the women drive they wear two long sleeves to ward off the rays too.

As well, I've never seen so many people focused on looking at themselves. They judge everybody by their "beauty" and set out to keep themselves beautiful. Most have mirrors in the mobile (cell) phones and can spend all day checking up on the direction their eye lashes are pointing. Really it is weird. Men and women do it.

Koreans and their cell phones are seldom parted. They are constantly talking or texting, or checking on their current state of beauty.

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