Friday, 12 June 2009

A night in Incheon

Well, I have left Jeonju. I don't like leaving, so it was a bit hard to do. I fought back tears with every goodbye.

The guys took me to the bus, or limousine, the name which is pretty apt really as the bus is very comfortable. But on a Friday afternoon the traffic was busy and it took five hours (a week or so ago I did it in 3 hours!), but it was very comfortable.

As it turns out I was sitting next to a lovely lady who spoke great English. A Korean lady who was coming to Seoul to see her daughter near Gimpo. We chatted for much of the trip which made it a bit more pleasant and time went quickly.

Eventually I arrived at Incheon Airport and was transported to the Best Western Hotel which is just nearby. I think I paid too much to get here, but my luggage was heavy and I was tired. I'm OK about it.

And so it is that I now am sitting in the 7th floor of the Incheon Airport Best Western Hotel.

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