Friday, 5 June 2009

All Day on a Bus

I managed to get to Seoul one Sunday. A friend was arriving from Australia so I caught a bus from Jeonju and travelled the 3 hours to Seoul. A lady I had met previously was there to meet me, and we went to a wonderful restaurant for lunch. The bus trip was very comfortable, but a long time to sit on the bus, and I was keen to walk around when I arrived.

The restaurant had an all you could eat buffet and we had a glass of Chardonnay too. Quite civilised. It was in the big Seoul bus station which was very flash. The bus trip was very comfortable, but a long time to sit on the bus, but I did enjoy sitting at the restaurant.

The Restaurant was called Muscus and was an award winning place. After our rather long lunch, and after we'd eaten more than we should have we walked around the department store which was above the bus station.

Wow! A very upmarket place called Shinsegae, which backs on to the Seoul Marriot Hotel. We walked around a little, but time was short as we had to catch a bus to Incheon Airport, which was an hour away.

So back on a bus, and we were soon out of the city proper and travelled for a long way on a road beside the Han River. It was a lovely sunny day and thousands of people were picnicking along the banks of the river in the many parks.

It is a wide and beautiful river. The airport must be on the northern side of the river and there are quite a few motorways, bridges and expressways going in all directions. As we approached Incheon Aiport it was interesting to see the mountains in sandbanks along the rivers edge. I'd never seen anything like it. Not flat with little gutters the way it is at low tide anywhere I have been, but quite large areas with deep narrow water courses through out. I'll post a picutre, but as it was taken out of a moving bus, it does not give a clear picture. There were grasses growing on the sandbanks, so maybe it is some sort of seaweed.

We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare, so had a cup of coffee, while we waited. The planewas not listed on the huge arrival board (too many planes arriving I think) and I had to ask at Korean Air Information desk and found that Sue had arrived over 20 minutes earlier, so we didn't have a long wait for her. These days it takes a little longer as there are now Swine flu checks.

Soon, Yoomi, Sue and I were chatting on the pavement waiting for yet another bus. Yoomi went in one direction (back to Seoul) and we caught the bus back to Jeonju.

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