Monday, 8 June 2009

The name of the restaurant is....................... oh, you can read it on the photo below. This was a meal to celebrate the end of the course, and it was a short walk from the university. It is a famous restaurant here in Korea. (There are so many famous ones.) The specialty here is beef and octopus - not exactly a combination that I would have though of. It comes in a big pot which is put over the gas fire and slowly cooks, and then the food is spooned or you can use chopsticks for some and just eat. Just do it. It was an interesting restaurant - with a log frame, and the walls made with mud and kimchi pots. Inside it was all bamboo. Good meal. Good friends.

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Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

Not my type of food combination,either!

Well your trip is coming to an end. You might like to do a bit of local trip with restaurants and famous places some time. There are a lot of interesting places in your part of OZ, Di?

I have found your little sojourn interesting. But different from China, I would suggest?