Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Gardens and flowers in South Korea

When I arrived in Korea in April, just after winter, there was little greenery. The trees were mostly brown and lifeless looking, but when I left the whole scene had changed. Lush green foliage on trees, the ground cover green with various grasses, and in the fields the new rice crops were like a painting of green - pale green, dark green, bright green.

In the cities the pots that had been planted with annuals were showing their blooms, petunias, poppies, penta's, and so forth. Great splashes of colour everywhere. Hanging baskets of petunias from power poles, dotted the streetscapes.

In some places there was a lot of colour. I'm always frustrated being in a bus, which makes it very hard to take good photos, but I managed some out of the window of my bus from Incheon to Seoul.

One of the other features was the climbing plants that covered the entrance to bridges, or wrapped around dreary cement columns.

In some places, especially traffic intersections which were often surrounded by lawned areas, there were amazing plots of colour, just like this one above.

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Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

So summer came to Korea. And back home to OZ and winter for you?