Monday, 29 June 2009

Still trying to settle in but.....

It is hard to settle back into life in Oz - plenty of things to do and I'm busy - but I'm still sorting my life out. I had the ear trouble in South Korea and have been to my doctor twice - first she wanted me on antibiotics (despite there being no evidence of an infection) and when I went back and asked again for a referral to an ENT specialist, I was sent for a hearing test. The Audiologist confirmed that there were problems with my ears and I should see an ENT specialist. Duh!

My doctor wanted me to make another appointment with her to "discuss my hearing test" and I left a message for her that there was nothing to discuss, I was aware of the report, and the recommendation. "Just give me the referral." What???!!!!

Anyway I got the referral (at no further cost too!) and now have an appointment with an ENT guy. Most people will know that getting into a specialist is not easy. I will have to wait until August, or take a very long trip to a suburb on the far side of the city. I've chosen the latter as every day I am reminded of my ear problems. It continues to feel like someone is pouring liquid into my head! And it is 10 weeks + that I have had to endure this!

So, on Friday week I get to see the ENT guy. This week I will have the 24 hour Blood Pressure Monitor connected. There's been an issue with hypertension for some time, and I don't like taking medication (which doesn't always work!) when there is no identified cause. So, perhaps I will get some answers to that.

Meanwhile, I'm writing some TESOL course material, and trying to catch up on friends, tax, etc.

All good fun!

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Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

You may have to take things a little easier if there are hypertension issues. Have a good period with the family before you consider more adventures in the east.