Saturday, 13 June 2009

Out of the bus window

Riding is a bus is very comfortable in traffic, but I get the urge to call out from time to time (luckily I quell the urge) for the driver to stop so that I can take a photo. I've discovered though, that I can get good shots from a moving bus and through the window. Not perfect, but enough to show folks what it is like.

These photos were taken from the window of the bus between Jeonju and Incheon. As it turns out, it was nearly 5 hours of travel.

Everywhere there is rice growing, and everywhere is lush green foliage from the many trees and gardens along the way.

Really refreshing.

The huge cities nestled between the mountains, and the new housing complexes neat, tall, close together as if like a group of ants nests.

The Han River

Rice fields.

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