Sunday, 25 January 2009

Art Galleries

We'd seen an exhibition advertised in More Hangzhou and we had some idea where the gallery was, so we kept walking from the China Silk Museum and the hotel, and eventually came across this building. No where could we see any English, but I thought it was the gallery. As you can see from the photo there was no English visible, although I certainly recall from a previous visit to Hangzhou, that this was a gallery.

The row of cane floral arrangements suggested that something had started. In China these appear in front of new businesses or places where there was a big event occurring, so it was a good guess.

We went in and sure enough there were two floors of beautiful traditional Chinese paintings. we spent quite a lot of time admiring the artwork before heading off back in the direction of our hotel.

Along the way there were several other galleries and we wandered in and looked around. There are advantages in being foreign in China - one is that often rather than try and test their poor English on a foreigner they hide and let him or her wander through unhindered. If they speak English well, they tend to pester. Luckily for us we found no one interested in talking with us!

Another find along the way was a marvellous homewares shop - we could see the merchandise through the window, but where was the entry? We wandered close to where we felt the entry should be and a great wall opened - a wide timber door that looked like a wall!

Inside there were many wonderful items. Luckily (or unluckily) our suitcases were already overflowing so our spending was on hold.

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