Friday, 9 January 2009

Popcorn explosions

I first saw these strange contraptions in Shanghai and the people using these did not like being photographed for reasons that we do not know.

Until last week I had not seen one operating in Shaoxing, but in one of the old streets the other day this fellow was there. It is a little hard to explain exactly what is happening, but with his left hand he is operating something that is being heated.

After a few minutes, he removes a part of it, and then turns the "machine" over and it's spout is pushed into the tunnel which appears to be made of shadecloth. Then there is a loud explosion and the tunnel is filled with popcorn, or other "popped" delicacy.

They "popped" stuff is then bagged and sold for around 5 RMB.

I bought some of the things that looked similar to cooked prawn crackers, and may well have been. They are quite tasty.

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