Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Hangzhou Jazz Club

Well, we were early - in fact the first to arrive! But then few would have had so little journey to take to get there as it was almost outside the door of our hotel.

It was surprisingly small - we had thought it might be bigger, but there appeared to be rooms upstairs. For quite a while it was only recorded music, but slowly the place filled up with a motley collection of people - both Chinese and foreign. In fact one foreigner we recognised from the Hilton that we had visited earlier to get a copy of the magazine "More Hangzhou". He was there waiting for a friend.

The atmosphere was good though - and brought back memories of long ago in "The Primitif" and "The Cellar" in Adelaide many years before.

We knew that there was a big concert elsewhere in Hangzhou that night and many of the performers from the Jazz Club were also performing there, but there was also a promise of other performers from overseas to come to the Club.

Soon the musicians arrived and slowly the music got underway. And what a treat. I can't recall all the names but the lady singer is great - you can listen to here sing here, and then the famous folk from New York etc arrived.

It was quite an exciting night. We did leave before it was all over - around midnight.

We would have stayed longer - but we were tired and planned a big day the next day. We'd had a few drinks, a good meal, enjoyed good music and had a lot of laughs, so we returned to the hotel.


The Jazz Cat said...

Nice to see jazz in other countries! Keep up the nice work!! Can you dig it?

kbguy said...

is the singer a Chinese ? Which hotel did you stayed ?

Di Hill said...

There were several singers including a blonde girl from the US, and another guy from the US (both great) and the sax player was Chinese.

I can't think of the name of the hotel at the moment, but it was a cheapy and I'd not stay there again. I'll try and find the name and let you know.