Friday, 2 January 2009

Freezing Cold

We didn't have a late night on New Year's Eve - so we were quite bright and cheery on New Year's Day, but it was bitterly cold. I think it was -2 at one stage, so I chose to stay indoors for most of the day.

I did venture out to the new supermarket and found bottle of some red wine - this version of Grand Dragon has no English on it, so I have no idea what is really in it. Some of the Chinese wine bottles have some English but it is usually something about being made from the best grapes in the world by the best winery, and how it can make you healthy.

It remains unopened - but I'll probably venture to taste it later today. I stayed indoors and watched two movies - I have not used my DVD player very much, but in this cold weather it was worth it. I will be prying to take it home to Australia now I have mastered it, but nothing in the instructions is in English, but I manage.

The first movie I'd found at the DVD shop in Shaoxing was called "Two Brothers" and Australian actor Guy Pearce was in it. I thought it a delightful movie and will be taking it home with me. I know some children that might enjoy it! It was made in 2004, but I had not heard of it.

The other one was called "Ballet Shoes" which was great too. This movie was made in 2007 - and that too would be enjoyed by my grandchildren.

I sat with my heaters on, a small hot water bottle which I kept filling up, a glass or two of wine, and I was really pleased when it was bed time as I crawled into my very warm bed (thanks to the electric blanket) and had a good night's sleep.

I wish the heaters were efficient - but they are not as warming as I would like.

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