Monday, 19 January 2009

Tourist Card

In September there is a "Tourist Card" which becomes available for students and teachers. One of the students studying French had advised her teacher of the opportunity to get one, in October or November. The card would give discount or free entry into Shaoxing tourist places. It cost 55 RMB, and one had to supply a photo and some details. Even though I only had a fairly short time to go in Shaoxing, I decided to purchase one.

I had it for several weeks, and my time in Shaoxing was fast coming to an end, and I had only used it once. I knew that, regardless of the card, there were a few things I was keen to see before I left the city, so I would "pack" them into the last few weeks. And so I did.

I am pleased to say that the card saved me almost double its value, so even for this short time was well worth the money I invested in it. Great decision on my part, and other teachers who procrastinated later realised the cost of their indecision.

So there'll be a few posts on my adventures using the card.

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