Saturday, 24 January 2009

Back home and trying to recover!

I've been back in Australia for just over a week - and I'm still trying to "recover". Coming from -6 degrees to 30+ degrees seems not to have agreed with this old body and I've found it all very tiring. I have had a few "power" naps, and very early nights.

Leaving Yuexiu was quite emotional. I've had such an amazing time, and made some great friends, it was such a wrench to go, although the cold was something that I no longer wish to experience.

But I'm coming good. I decided to "lay low" for the week - but managed to get my glasses fixed (why didn't the Chinese optometrist notice that a screw was missing? - he tried to convince me I needed new glasses), a visit to the podiatrist to see why my feet were aching (my feet have turned slightly inwards - perhaps because of the hard surfaces I walked on in China), and I have had my hair cut (in Australia a hair dresser does not refuse to cut hair because "it is already short.") I've had a pedicure, and a massage (full body - oh, how wonderful), and a day sailing on Moreton Bay on the South Passage.

Bit by bit - I am coming good. Today I am taking two grandchildren into "the Valley" to see Chinese New Year celebrations, and tomorrow will be declared another "rest day" before we embark on great celebrations for Australia Day on Monday 26th. On Tuesday I fly to Adelaide.

I've added the last of my Chinese photos to the photo gallery and within the next day or so, will add further posts here.

Slowly, surely, I am coming good.

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