Friday, 2 January 2009

The Wet Market

I had been to these markets some time ago - they were old, smelly and undesirable, though I had wandered through several times to see what foods were sold. Several weeks ago I noticed builders around the corner where the markets were and saw what looked like the markets under makeshift tent like structures in the car park. I though maybe the wet markets had moved there, but thought that it would be a less pretty sight than what I had previously seen.

In any case, I noticed the temporary markets gone, and at the same time we accidently found our way into the new wet markets. They had been completely renovated and although the floors were wet and messy, the smell was no so bad. It looked much cleaner and fresher.

It was there I purchased some very expensive cherries - fat juicy expensive cherries which I savoured. They were great.

I went back in today as I was walking around the area and took some more photos.

There are many fruits and vegetables that are unknown to us. Getting a translation is often difficult as they are not known well in the English speaking world.

I wandered around an the sellers tried their best to interest me in their wares but I was just taking photos.

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