Sunday, 25 January 2009

Back along the West Lake

I could spend a week around Hangzhou and the West Lake and still not be satisfied. There is so much to see - so much to do - so many places to eat and drink! It is alive with tourists and activity.

After our gallery visit we walked around the lake - well, not ALL around, but we followed various paths back and forth past places of interest. We found a little cafe for lunch and watched with interest as the guard on duty in the park nearby did his 'work'. One wonders what first timers in China might think about the heavy numbers of guards, but by and large their are friendly souls with seemingly little to do - unless something goes wrong.

"Our" guard stood quietly behind the building apparently trying to keep out of the cold winds, and then when he did wait on the pathway, he redirected people who had dared walk on the grass, and occasionally gave directions.

We had lunch and wandered back around the little shops and kiosks just taking in the scenery. There were many decorations in preparation for the Chinese New Year (January 26th), and people seemed to be in quite a holiday mood.

We had no agenda, and walked back to the afternoon for a power nap.

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