Friday, 9 January 2009

The Farewell Dinner

Departing teachers were invited to dinner with Professor Lu, and staff from the International Exchange Office, in the staff canteen on campus. The canteen has two private rooms, that open up as one, and there were two round tables - and we managed to fill both of them. Again a freezing cold night, but warm inside with the heaters and the Shaoxing Wine.

There were no speeches, but many "toasts" to each other, good wishes, and thanks.

The food was quite remarkable. One dish was presented as a ship, with a crayfish (lobster) as part of it. We wondered why the two long "antennae" of the crayfish had a ring around them - until we saw it move. The front part of the lobster only was there, as on a plate as part of the decoration was the raw meat, which had obviously been prepared to eat. It was in small slices, looked unusual and was quite tasty with the soy sauce and wasabe. It was odd, as every now and then the crayfish would move!

The dishes were all fabulous. This one was a very spicy fish soup - with great chunks of white fish, and plenty of chili.

One of the other dishes was fried icecream - pink icecream surrounded by a crisp bread-like biscuit which was deep fried. There was plenty of Shaoxing yellow rice wine flowing too.

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