Thursday, 27 November 2008

Bring out the Red Carpet

Red is the most popular colour in China. It is the colour of the Chinese flag, and all the ceremonial lanterns, knot items, are red. I found a cheong sam dress shop with most of the garments in stunning red.

It is no surprise that when a new business opens that they bring out lots of red, and yes, red carpets especially for ceremonial purposes are every where. Just of the main street in Shaoxing, near my main dressmakers little shop, the laneway was covered in red felt "carpet" and as you can see there was much decoration. Guards were on duty - perhaps waiting for the crowd rush, I don't know.

The "carpets" are not always safe - they are not firm on the roadway, and walking over steps or gutters is done with caution. The Chinese love a celebration and there would be flowers, firecrackers and drums and other entertainment to draw the locals to the new business.

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