Thursday, 27 November 2008

Gone with the Whind

You only have to spend a short time in China to see that the English language here is a bit of a mishmash. There are many websites featuring Chinglish and I have submitted photos to them. I found a new source today of funny English.

I was in the big Trust Mart Supermarket, which since I was there about 10 days ago has had a complete refit - and is dramatically different to what I saw last time. An amazing job to have completed such a change in a short time, but short of staff they are not!

I was browsing the record/CD shelves wondering if I could find something to add to my MP3 Player for the trip to Shanghai this weekend.

I ended up buying two - at 4 RMB/Yuan each I thought it didn't matter if I didn't like them. One is called "Movies Music" Doubbed in with classical background. On the list of music on the CD is "Beverly hill cop, Eyes of tiger, I Just call to say I love you, and Gone with the Whind"

A copy you think? Is it likely to be legit? Oh, well, it sounds nice. But with the writing mostly in Chinese characters, I have no idea of its origin. Can only guess.

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