Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Electric Blanket Bliss

I saw them in the Tesco Supermarket some weeks ago, and pondered getting one for the cold winter that I would experience in my last few months here in China. Earlier this year I had managed to keep warm in bed with my "rice bag" which I made - handstitched handtowel full of rice. It worked a treat but the smell of near burning rice each time I heated it in the microwave oven was something I had to get used to, and anyway it only warmed that part of my body that was in close contact with the bag. And if I woke during the night I had to rush it out for another "burst" in the microwave.

An electric blanket did have some appeal. As well they were only 58 RMB - around $A10. The weather has been getting colder - so yesterday I decided to go to Tesco and get one. But on chatting with another foreign teacher who has been here for some time, she said that she had a single bed one that was not being used and offered it to me.

In no time I had stripped the bed, placed the electric blanket on the bed, and looked forward to bed time with great anticipation.

It was cold yesterday - bitterly cold with a wind that seemed to come straight from the North Pole, so a warm bed was enticing.

About half an hour before I bedtime, I turned the blanket on. I slipped into bed and felt the warmth immediatly. Oh, bliss.

I lay there for a while enjoying the warmth, and turned it off before I fell asleep. Otherwise I could imagine that I would awake in some half cooked state.

I slept all night in wonderful warmth. Oh, bliss.

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