Sunday, 23 November 2008

Pass the Parcel

Some students were already familiar with this game - but when I was asked to create a game or activity for a party a couple of weeks ago, found a box of chocolates, wrapped the parcel and on each sheet was a new challenge for the person who was holding the parcel when the music stopped.

Last night we attended another party - and the games had been organised by the students and pass the parcel was on the agenda. I was asked to "host" it. Apparently one of the teachers created the challenges and they were very good.

One student was asked to sing - and she took to the "stage" and microphone and sang a traditional Chinese song. One of the boys opened his parcel to find he had to go out into the street and tell two people that he loved them. I found this particularly amusing as this very same boy, on the previous Tuesday had blurted out to me that he had fallen in love - at first sight - with another student.

He read his challenge, and raced out of the function into the street. What surprised me was that everyone in the room - probably 60 students evacuated the party room and went to witness the event. They were back shortly all laughing. He had told three girls he loved them!

And the pass the parcel continued. One girl had to "write her name with her buttocks" - something that was quite unusual but very funny.

And we taught a student to do the Hokie Kokie as her challenge was to dance and she did not know how. Another girl had to kiss someone - and she was terrified, so I offered my face for her to kiss my cheek which she did and announced that it was her "first kiss."

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