Thursday, 20 November 2008

Yum - toffee on a stick!

I am familiar with "toffee apples" but it has been many years since I have had one. When I was in China earlier this year I discovered these delicacies - "Candied fruit." There are often street stalls selling these type of delicacies. The one above is "Candied haws" according to my students and I learn that it is a delicacy of Beijing. Click here to see a photo.

Other fruits are put on skewers and coated with toffee - I have seen strawberries, Chinese Gooseberry, mandarin pieces etc. Here is another photo.

I think the fruit in my photo are actually called "hawthorns" and I suspect the name "haws" may be the shortened version of the name.

The hawthorns are small apple-like fruit, and that have a pip in the centre, not unlike a seed you might find in an apple.

Until today I did not know much about them, but a student in a speech to the class explained about the "candied haws" and presented me with one. Maybe a way to get a higher mark from the teacher?

In any case I ejoyed eating it - and yes, she did get a good mark for her story about the "candied haws."

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