Friday, 7 November 2008

A gift

On Monday night at last minute notice Sue and I were "guest speakers" at the Translation Club. It was quite funny really as they wanted us to talk about Australia - which of course we did - and then we showed photos of our families, and then I organised a word game for them.

The following night I had a phone call from one of the students asking me to set u a secret meeting at my apartment for Thursday at 6 pm and I had to invite Sue. I was not to tell her much about it - which was easy because I knew nothing about it. Sue kept asking me, and when I told her it was 'a secret' she suspected I knew more but I didn't.

At 6.15 pm last night Sue and I were waiting in my apartment, and shortly afterwards the phone rang. One of the students was saying they would be late - as it turns out only 10 minutes late, but they duly arrived, giggling and laughing.

They had gifts for us for speaking at the meeting on Monday night. I received a lovely purple scarf. Wonderful. It was one of the boys that knew that purple was one of my favourite colours.

Sue is a smoker, and they knew this too, and for Sue they had a Chinese Emperor Ash tray.

They had been granted leave from the classroom so did not stay long. We were delighted.

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