Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Butcher, the Baker.......

I've written about the Village. This is one of many thousands here in China.This particular one is opposite the West Gate of the college. There is a lane - just big enough for cars to get through, and they often do despite the squeeze and the constant pedestrian and other wheeled traffic. It meanders around on mostly cement pathways - cement that is mostly cracked, crazed with holes here and there. Definitely no maintenance here! On either side of the lane are little shops - some not much bigger than a single garage, and in these shops almost anything if for sale.

There are many food shops and small cafes, many with slot machines and other games, there are several computer shops, many clothes shops, and so many hair dressers. There are shops that sell a myriad of plastic items for the home, another one with bedding, another one with nuts, shoes, a wine shop, several cake shops, several beauty shops. You could buy almost anything here.

Out on the footpath there are usually one or more ladies with an old treadle sewing machine, and they will do running repairs, or stitch simple garments for a pittance. There are three little shops that create wonderful down filled coat to keep the cold of winter at bay.

At the end of the lane, and across the road is where the vegetable market is - photos of this are in a previous post.

In the village there are also cake shops and butcher shops. The latter really is the topic for this post.

Now I confess, I've looked but never bought here. In the photo you can probably see how the meat is presented. There is no refrigeration - the meat is on trays in the open with the door open which would allow the dust from the traffic in the street to enter. There are few flies, but in summer there is a strange piece of equipment that dangles from the ceiling and has a ribbon like attachment that twirls and perhaps discourages the odd fly or two.

The smell? Well there is one. A meaty smell - but not offensive really.

In any case this is where the locals buy their meat.

It is enough to put you off roast chicken and pork. Not for me!!!!

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