Saturday, 15 November 2008

The continuing wine story

This is a wine bottle. I found it in the supermarket in the wine section and as it was only 5 RMB and I like the bottle, I bought it. I had no idea what was in it. As students appeared at my aparment I asked them to decipher the Chinese writing. It seems that almost everyone has a different translation.

One said it was a medicine. That's a good story!!! Others thought it was wine of some sort. It comes from Sichuan - the area that was so devastated by the earthquake in May this year. Still it didn't really help, so I bravely opened it and took a sip.

Wow! It is powerful. But still it was with some fear and trepidation that I pondered the wisdom of drinking more. Today my friend the doctor (actually he is a surgeon at a local hospital) came and he considered the Chinese characters before announcing that it was indeed a wine, which is good for health.

It would be a good idea to drink a little every night before one went to bed! I find it hard to comprehend it is actually a wine - it looks more like a spirit. It is clear - like crystal clear water.

Anyway if I want to take the bottle home with me - which I do, I will have to drink it anyway.
I must do some research though. It looks like a gourd, and there is some suggetion that the wine is made with gourds. I wonder............ maybe it is medicinal.

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