Tuesday, 18 November 2008

A visit to the village market

I went for a walk in the village today. No real reason and I didn't buy anything. It was a cool day, but the sun was shining and it was a pleasant walk. Mostly. On one side of the road are apartments which could be described as luxurious. On the other side is the village and you can probably see how these people live. I was intrigued to see some government type officials with maps of the houses etc wandering through and looking at the buildings. Some are certainly needing demolition, but I have no idea what plans their might be for this place. Not only do people live here, but their businesses and source of income is in the village.

This man is selling his crop of red beans. I don't know much about them, but red beans appear in a range of foods, and there are dumplings which are a delicacy with red bean paste.

This man has a strange contraption on the back of his cart which bakes sweet potato. These sort of carts are everywhere and the sweet potato is plentiful at the moment.

The vegetables are not familiar to me. They could be a type of turnip or carrot, along with the familiar carrot that we know and love.

These little stalls are set up alongside a footpath. The folk have buckets of water and wash them and stack them ready for sale.

Now if you are a pet lover, don't look close. This is dog meat which is a local delicacy and is popular during winter. Whether it is true or not I do not know, but they say the dog meat is very warming and the locals like it as a winter dish to keep warm. Pretty gruesome to me, and I must say I was shocked when I saw it.

Fresh Fish? You choose your fish, and they will prepare it for you for a fee, or you can take the live fish home in a plastic bag and deal with it yourself.

Chicken? Here in the open air market, with no refrigeration are all sorts of pieces of chicken and duck meat - the feet of the chicken are a very popular food here, as well as chicken gizzards, and a whole lot of food that we do not eat in the west. It is very confronting to stir a bowl of broth and have the chicken's head appear and look at you. There's not much waste here. At least not at this end of the food chain.

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