Thursday, 27 November 2008

Dressmaker Number One

These are photos at my dressmaker's shop. It is not much bigger than a large bedroom, and from here this lady has a "roaring" business. It is in a fabric market which has many stalls all with some form of fabric item. Many make bedsheets, and quilts and quilt covers, and many are dressmakers or tailors.

In this little shop Jing measures the customer cuts, the fabric, and does the fittings. It's rather odd, because when you are trying things on, it is not uncommon to have half a dozen Chinese women looking at the foreigners. There's little privacy, but then it is pretty hard to see anything in the back corner of the shop.

We are teaching Jing to speak English - and she is getting better all the time, but we have managed with a little Chinese, a little English, a lot of hand signals and drawings. And a lot of laughs too I might add.

I found Jing all by myself last semester - I walked all along the fabric market and latched on to her as she was younger, and more friendly. So many Chinese are afraid of us - afraid that they will make a mistake which will cost them money! Jing was immediately friendly!

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