Thursday, 6 November 2008

It is starting to get cool.

The weather here in Shaoxing is quite a bit cooler now. I do wear my leather jacket to classes to keep warm, though I have a heavier jacket for the really cold days. However, I find I take it off part way through the class. I tend to move around a lot in class to keep up with my students.

I don't enjoy cold weather very much and hope I am well prepared here. I will buy an electric blanket this semester. They do not cost much and I know that the very cold nights will test me! I have not seen snow fall, so I am somewhat hoping that the snow will come in January before I leave for Australia. I am hoping to go to Hangzhou - more or less on my way from Shaoxing to Shanghai to get the plane home to Australia, and I expect the scenery to be very beautiful at that time of the year too.

Already there is strange weather here in China this season. Apparently it snowed in Beijing a few days ago, and in Tibet they have had the heaviest snow falls on record. Another part of China is experiencing very wet weather and flooding.

I do have some good jackets and other clothes but I am not keen to get a great deal more winter clothes as I am not likely to use them in sunny Queensland.

The fashions here for the girls in China are quite exciting. The students generally wear jeans - summer, winter, autumn, spring, but the clothes they wear on top are colourful, and in a wide variety of designs. Many have "jewels" on them from crystals, to pearls and other coloured beads. There is lots of trim.

We might say "tizzy" at times, but to my mind they suit the small frames of the Chinese women. I've seen quite a few well dressed Chinese women - perhaps wealthy women, business women or similar. Very impressive.

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