Sunday, 7 December 2008

The best buffet!

The student and his aunt had arranged for us to have lunch at a hotel that is famous for it's buffet lunch. the Howard Johnson chain is popular in China - rather upmarket of course, and quite fabulous.

The hotel foyer had wonderful Christmas decorations, and we waited for a short while, while Aunt organised some discounts.

It was a huge banquet hall, with food right along one side and into the next room. Everything you could imagine! Of course a lot of fabulous Chinese food, and many foods that were more familiar to us. We had little squares of a fabulous pizza, wonderful bread rolls and New Zealand butter (bread in China is NOT to our liking - but this was great!), calimari, prawns, baked rabbit, vegetables, and stunning desserts. For two hours we "pigged out" all the while drinking a fabulous sweet tea - which the waitress called black tea.

Many of the staff here spoke English, and they were keen to speak with us - though their work prevented them from saying very much. They happily greeted us, but politely did not make much conversation with us. Which was good for us - good eating time would have been wasted!!!

Oh, how excited we were!! Shame we couldn't get a doggy bag!!!

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